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about 1 month ago
new server MajesticMc.net

Hi sorry for being so inactive if you follow our discord you know why the server isnt open anymore but we are working hard on a new factions server called MajesticMc.net join our discord server for updates


8 months ago
The use of our forums!!!

we will be using our forums alot more as its a good way to share information we will be putting more news and details, rules and giveaways on our forums so please check it daily  

thanks - slicedbiscuit73

10 months ago
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Helper: OmahaUS

10 months ago
QualityPvP.Com BETA

Hi wecome to qualitypvp we just opened the server today i hope you enjoy it, there is lots of bugs and improvements that need to be made but it will take us a while so bear with us.